Guard Force Protection & Security Policing


Highly Trained Armed & Unarmed Officers/K-9 Patrols

Harvard Protection Services offers a variety of guard force protection and security policing services to match enterprise needs. We provide highly trained uniformed officers, armed or unarmed, mobile patrolling, canine teams, and temporary force protection services to protect physical assets and human capital. Our officers are expertly trained to exceed any state requirements in jurisdictions where Harvard provides services, and we develop and deploy customized training with our clients for site specific topics. Situational awareness training is disseminated immediately based on world, national, or local events.


Command Post Operations

Harvard Protection Services operates state-of-the-art Command Post centers, staffed by highly skilled and trained personnel selected for their strong communications, organizational, and decision-making skills. Located at high-value client sites, Harvard’s Command Post centers are initially assessed, and regularly reviewed, to be equipped with the latest surveillance technologies, communications, and software, as well as procedure manuals and emergency response protocols. Command Post Operators are responsible for on- and off-site asset monitoring and protection, and for coordinating local and remote emergency responses. Operators may also serve as dispatchers by coordinating incident response, patrol tours, and the associated documentation. Harvard’s Command Post staff are fully trained and empowered to make operational decisions according to established protocols during emergency situations until senior management assumes responsibility.


Fire Safety Monitoring

Harvard Protection Services offers clients fire safety monitoring, where necessary, managed by experienced, certified Fire Safety Directors (FSDs). Harvard has earned industry credibility and demonstrated success in recruiting and retaining FSDs to support client requirements, and our FSDs receive regular in-service training to maintain state and local certifications. Additionally, all of Harvard’s security personnel receive fire safety monitoring training, utilizing Table Top and scenario-based exercises to ensure that all of our personnel are appropriately prepared to identify and respond to fire safety emergency situations. The experts at Harvard Protection Services will work with clients to create individualized site safety plans and to customize and refresh site and fire safety plans according to each client’s unique requirements and environment.


Concierge Services

To meet the specialized demands of our clients, Harvard Protection Services is skilled at designing concierge security services that provide the highest levels of protection, while discreetly accommodating the culture and privacy considerations of our high net-worth and elite clients. Harvard’s concierge personnel receive specialized and additional training in executive protection, suspicious package identification, conflict resolution, access control, and emergency response. Our concierge personnel are also equipped with local and regional resource information to assist with all aspects of hospitality and customer service. Harvard’s highly selective screening process yields exceptional concierge staff retention rates, providing a consistent level of service and comfort for our clients, their stakeholders, and guests. Our recruitment and vetting processes ensure that our personnel possess the caliber of skills and experience necessary to meet the highest client expectations while serving in these high profile assignments.