Harvard Maintenance is one of the largest and fastest growing privately owned providers of high quality managed services in the United States. Our success over the last fifty years stems from Harvard’s Inverted Pyramid. Which puts our employees first so they in-turn deliver service Excellenceâ„¢ to our clients. While the majority of our industry cleans for appearance alone, we Clean for Wellness, focusing on health and safety, sustainability, and asset preservation of our client’s facilities.

We are committed to delivering the industry’s most complete End to End Service Solution. From the time you invite us to bid on your facility through the renewal process at contract’s end, Harvard will provide you with the most complete set of high quality solutions that help you meet your business objectives. Our solutions drive efficiency and high quality while containing costs.

Harvard is one of the most extensively certified companies in the industry. We are ISO 9001:2008 compliant, and Green Seal GS-42, CIMS GB with Honors, Greenguard, and HHPC Day certified. We do not believe cleaning is a commodity. We view cleaning as a valuable part of delivering highly productive, safe, and healthy facilities for the people who occupy them. By having third parties certify our business practices and operational efficacy you are assured that the promises we make about the service we provide is accurate and executed in your facility.

Harvard Services Group is a strategic partner of Harvard Maintenance. Harvard Services Group is a WBENC certified 100% woman-owned and operated managed service provider. As a strategic partner they are able to assist our clients in achieving Tier 1 spend business objectives. Through a similar integrated service solutions approach Harvard Services Group delivers high quality managed services to those companies who are interested in meeting diversity spend goals.

Harvard Services Group is a privately owned company that has been in business for over 25 years. Through helping Fortune 500 clients reach their Tier 1 spend objectives the business has begun a nationwide expansion. Harvard Services Group in the only diversity certified service contractor in the New York Tri-State region to carry certifications from Green Seal (GS-42) and ISSA CIMS GB with honors.