Strategic Partnerships

Because no one organization possesses all of the expertise and resources required to meet the demands of every client need or mission focus, Harvard Protection Services engages in strategic partnerships with other companies. They are subject matter experts that provide best-in-class expertise and service to support our client requirements. By creating partnerships and alliances, Harvard is uniquely positioned to ensure the highest level of service delivery, always proactive to ever-changing risk environments.

Collaborating with other industry leaders around mission critical priorities generates a force multiplier that increases the capability of all stakeholders. Our industry peers come from some of the highest ranked and most elite organizations in the security field. Our effective integration of services enables Harvard to provide a best-in-class suite of first-rate solutions. Among these partnerships are highly accredited corporations in their respective fields that include Minority and Women Owned Businesses and Veteran Owned Businesses.

We are proud of our strategic partnerships that give us all a competitive edge.