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  • Harvard Protection Services is one of the nation’s premier security firms, providing a comprehensive suite of Enterprise Risk Solutions addressing today’s most stringent risk and threat mitigation needs.
  • Launched in 1996, Harvard’s goal was to meet the growing demand for a single, reliable source to manage clients’ high level security requirements.
  • We continue to add solutions and create alliances to be an all-encompassing security solution provider, delivering services that are worthy of your trust, your confidence, and your business.
  • By delivering high quality solutions, we have grown quickly, and now have over 1,000 dedicated employees.  Our leadership team has more than two hundred years of combined experience in a broad spectrum of premier law enforcement and public agencies.
  • We embrace the notion that no one organization or institution possesses all of the expertise and resources required to meet the demands of every client need or mission focus. Harvard has the ability to effectively mobilize long-standing alliances and partnerships in order to deliver innovative and highly varied strategic security solutions.
  • As a result, our clients count on Harvard to amass the right team, with the right talent, and the right resources, for the security threat at hand. Our integrated and seamless security solution is deliberate and complete.
  • Our Difference 

Enterprise Risk Solutions: Reducing Vulnerabilities in a Global Environment

Businesses face many risks that can adversely impact their global environments. Harvard’s Enterprise Risk Solutions establish business continuity and effective operational security planning across a diverse range of businesses and industries through comprehensive environmental audits, emergency preparedness strategies, and comprehensive implementation programs that are customized for each client. By engaging best practices and lessons learned, we are able to refresh operational protocols, thereby proactively mitigating future risk.
  • Service Excellence®: Redefining Service in the Industry

At Harvard Protection Services, Service Excellence is a guiding light for our employees, sets an expectation for our clients, and defines our business purpose.  Our definition of Service Excellence: Always exceeding our clients’ expectations in delivering the services they employ us to perform, achievement is quantified by exceeding mutually agreed upon Key Performance Indicators.  It is a tall order we know, but one that we strive for every day.  

Our success in achieving Service Excellence is validated by our clients’ loyalty, the praise given to our employees, and testimonials they openly give to others.  The Harvard check  is only awarded when Service Excellence is achieved. We are excited about our future prospects, confidently delivering Service Excellence to existing and prospective clients.
  • Harvard Inverted Pyramid®: Putting Employees First  

We put our employees first so they can put our clients first.  It is every manager’s obligation to personally support the needs of the employees that he/she is responsible for.  Every employee is valued, given the resources to succeed, and empowered to provide Service Excellence.  Empowering employees allows us to keep our organizational structure flat, improving our response time and keeping decision making close to our clients.  That means our employees make decisions, solve problems, and deliver exceptional client support.  The outcome: superior results in executing the service our clients employ us to perform.  That is our goal, our passion, and our drive as a business.
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