Tools & Technology

Custom Technology Solutions

Up-to-date technological requirements to meet protection services needs

Harvard Protection Services technology solutions allow us to be personally responsible for providing customized solutions to our clients include Applicant Tracking, Employee Management, Reporting, and Field Technology.

Quality compliance auditing in all service that support areas: Tour Management, Real Time Activity, Incident Report Management, Communications (general and emergency), Inspections, Reporting. We provide complete client accessibility and transparency.

Vehicle Safety Program Management

Harvard Protection’s fleetwide driver safety technology enhances the accountability and visibility of our responsible team members behind the wheel. Our technology’s customizable reporting and notification ability allow for a perfect fit. Reporting on location, stops, idle time and more assists in curbing wasteful habits such as excessive idling, heavy acceleration, and hard braking to keep all safe.

Transitions and Employee Onboarding Systems

Harvard utilizes end to end applicant tracking platform used to attract, engage and monitor employment onboarding process to provide the best qualified candidates to our client locations.

Comprehensive Scheduling, Payroll and Billing Technology

Harvard Protection uses WinTeam™ as our integrated solution for managing our labor and providing financial management solutions.  WinTeam™ is a fully integrated labor and financial management solution to labor service contractors.  From managing employee data to generating invoices to processing payroll and printing financial statements, WinTeam™ provides an integrated solution.

Field Management Technology

Harvard Protection Services uses a web-based, online platform that allows designated people to view, manage, and automate our security operations. Harvard Protection Services’ Management team works with client representatives to fully customize this platform to your specific needs.

  • Real-time positioning & live maps
  • Messages and alerts
  • Mobile Duress
  • Mobile forms and activity reports
  • Analytics dashboard and reports

Threat and Incident
Information Sharing

As part of our customized security solutions, we share threat and incident information with our public safety and law enforcement partners to develop broader data about the overall threat environment facing your business. By doing so, we ensure our business security services and protocols are nimble, adaptive, proactive, and fortified against risks, and offer up the best defensive strategy to mitigate an evolving threat landscape.