Specialized Services


Customized Security Solutions for High Net-Worth Properties & Asset Protection

High net-worth organizations and individuals face unique security challenges associated with protecting their own safety, along with the safety of their family, properties and assets. The security professionals at Harvard Protection Services have specialized training and expertise to identify and manage the security priorities for high net-worth clients. Harvard’s professionals create security and protective details that are effective, while non-intrusive, adaptive for the circumstances, and always professional and discreet. We work collaboratively with our high net-worth clients, and tailor our enterprise protection model to design and implement services that balance the appropriate levels of security with lifestyle considerations.


Special & Major Event Security

The Harvard Protection Services team includes nationally recognized experts who have planned, developed and implemented operational security, emergency preparedness, and air space and cyber security protocols for National Special Security Events hosted by our government. On the scale of Presidential Inaugurations, the Olympics, the Super Bowl, and Economic Summits, the Harvard professionals can apply and adapt their expertise to provide security for our clients’ special and major events, carefully planning and executing all elements of the logistics and comprehensive security coordination necessary for a safe and successful event.


Threat and Incident Information Sharing

Our extensive protection and security experience affirms that threat and incident information sharing with our public safety and law enforcement partners is vital to an effective operational security plan. Through information sharing, we develop broader data about the overall threat environment that can be used to ensure that security protocols are nimble, adaptive, proactive, and fortified against risks. This is the best defensive strategy to mitigate an evolving threat landscape. Sharing threat information helps thwart malicious hackers, criminals and foreign agents in the same way that tracking weather conditions is used to formulate weather advisories.


Table-Top Exercises

Table-top exercises are an effective tool used to prepare and train for a variety of hypothetical incidents across disciplines and stakeholders. This type of strategic training environment is utilized quite often in law enforcement, military and public safety arenas to effectively practice for scenarios like natural disasters and catastrophic events, to de–conflict command and control responsibilities during an emergency situation. The Table-top model translates well to corporate and business environments, whereby organizations can simulate and train real-world emergency events that could threaten safety and/or disrupt business continuity. The Table-top exercise becomes invaluable in training personnel how to respond, what roles and responsibilities they need to assume during an actual event, and the exercise highlights vulnerabilities and problems during the practice that need to be addressed and resolved for a real emergency. The Harvard team of risk professionals works with clients to design and execute Table-top exercises that are customized to probable client scenarios, and we provide full after action debriefings and trainings to facilitate better emergency preparedness and incident response.