Customized Security Solutions

Business Security Services & Asset Protection

The security professionals at Harvard Protection Services have specialized training and expertise to identify and manage security priorities, as well as the ability to provide security and protective details that are effective, adaptive, and always professional and discreet.

Learn more about our customized security solutions, and get the qualified support you need to protect your business’s most valuable property and assets. 

Professional Security Officers for Special & Major Events

With security event and incident management from Harvard Protection Services, you get access to nationally recognized experts who can plan, develop, and implement the highest level of security on your behalf. Harvard professionals plan and execute all logistical elements related to hosting a safe and secure event, bringing to the table extensive experience in operational security, emergency preparedness, and air space and cybersecurity protocols.

Threat and Incident
Information Sharing

As part of our customized security solutions, we share threat and incident information with our public safety and law enforcement partners to develop broader data about the overall threat environment facing your business. By doing so, we ensure our business security services and protocols are nimble, adaptive, proactive, and fortified against risks, and offer up the best defensive strategy to mitigate an evolving threat landscape.

Table-Top Exercises

The Harvard team of risk professionals designs and executes table-top exercises that are customized to risks your business may face, including full after-action debriefings and training to facilitate better emergency preparedness and incident response among your team. This type of strategic training environment is utilized quite often in law enforcement, military, and public safety arenas to effectively practice for scenarios like natural disasters and catastrophic events, as well as to de–conflict command and control responsibilities during an emergency situation. It also translates well to corporate and business environments, allowing organizations to simulate and train real-world emergency events that could threaten safety and/or disrupt business continuity.

Operational Security Planning

Designing client and enterprise specific operational security requirements that are informed by the enterprise evaluation process. Merging critical components to facilitate the continuity of operations, and subsequently, business. Developing and implementing comprehensive, preventative operational security plans that are proactive versus reactive, thereby reducing the vulnerabilities that challenge an enterprise.