Physical Security

Technical Security Solutions

Harvard’s security professionals can design and deploy a variety of technical countermeasures and virtual safeguards to minimize risks that could compromise personal property, facilities, human capital, and ultimately the proprietary brand of an organization. Among the platforms we can deploy to enhance a facility’s physical security are: Mantraps, Electronic Monitoring, Alarm Systems, Detective Controls, Interior/Exterior Walls/Doors/Locks, Perimeter Fencing, Logical Access Control Cards/Credentials, Drone Guards, and Magnetometers.

Emergency Preparedness Strategies

To protect a business investment, a solid emergency preparedness plan can help a business to survive and recover from a disaster……whether a natural disaster, fire, weather-related catastrophe, power outage, or data loss, companies need to ensure that they are ready to respond. The Harvard security professionals work with clients to develop a comprehensive strategy to lessen the impact of disaster or catastrophic event, and to allow a business to survive. Successful preparedness requires detailed planning, periodic stakeholder training, and mutual cooperation among internal and external crisis management coordinators. It also requires robust public and private sector partnerships. The Harvard team is experienced in mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery planning as the foundation for a successful emergency preparedness strategy.


Access Control & Credentialing

Access control and credentialing systems are crucial elements of an enterprise protection model. An abundance of technologies and products are available that can ensure that an environment is secure, and that access to facilities and sites is controlled, monitored, and managed according to unique business requirements. Harvard Protection Services assists clients to select and deploy the appropriate levels of access control and credentialing, and to match available technologies with desired levels of enterprise security. Selective restriction of access to a physical location or other resource may include identity authentication to facilitate entering; using smartcard photo identification and login credentials; or access control systems such as mantraps, locks, keys, and physical key management, among others.


Mail/Parcel/Package Chem-Bio Screening

In today’s threat-rich environment, it is all too routine that threatening letters and parcels are mailed to corporate and government offices. Thankfully, most of these items are inconvenient and nuisance mailings, however some are not. A small percentage of such deliveries can cause damage, and may even be filled with deadly biological toxins that can cause serious bodily harm or death. In order for Harvard to offer full scale enterprise protection services to our clients, Harvard has developed a strategic alliance with the SoBran, Inc. team to provide comprehensive mail, parcel, and package screening and operational support for organizations and corporations. Harvard will work with our clients to identify the most cost-effective, scalable solution to address this vulnerability and provide seamless business continuity operations.