Hospitality Services

Custom Solutions from a Premier Executive Protection Company

Hospitality Services Security Designed to Keep People & Property Safe

At Harvard Protection Services we understand the changing landscape of client needs.  The role and expectations of a Security Officer has evolved.  Our team members are supported to be multifaceted Client Ambassadors who maintain a focus on providing exceptional experiences to all.

Concierge Services

Harvard is skilled at designing concierge security services that provide the highest levels of protection, while discreetly accommodating the culture and privacy considerations of our high net-worth and elite clients. Harvard’s concierge and force protection personnel receive specialized and additional training in executive protection, suspicious package identification, conflict resolution, access control, and emergency response, and are equipped with local and regional resource information. In addition, our internal recruitment and vetting processes ensure that our concierge personnel possesses the caliber of skills and experience necessary to meet the highest client expectations.

Client Experience Ambassador Program

Harvard Protection Services understands the expectations of today’s workplace. In a post COVID, return to workplace environment, new amenities are being developed and used to entice employees back into the workplace. Our team will partner with you to establish a security program culture which emphasizes, recognizes and rewards extra efforts and outside of the box thinking to provide exceptional experiences to all.