Fire/Life/Safety Services

Emergency preparedness planning is key to client safety

Our protective intelligence analysis evaluates all possible sources of threats – both internal and external.

At Harvard Protection Services, our model is focused on carefully evaluating all components of an enterprise in order to design and implement a customized operational security plan.

Our “as is” reviews examine policies and procedures, existing security staffing, emergency communications, and physical security elements.

Proactive Incident Command
And Control

Proactively employing appropriate incident command policies, procedures, and technical platforms to de-conflict roles and responsibilities during a crisis or emergency situation. Providing the assurance that operational security and emergency preparedness are complementary processes to ensure maximum protection across each client’s enterprise.

Protective Intelligence Analysis

Applying analytic, investigative and behavioral tools to connect information and link data that may be suggestive of a threat or risk. Conducting case studies and operations research to identify trends and patterns that are associated with high risk behaviors, violence, and other security vulnerabilities.

Operational Security Planning

Designing client and enterprise specific operational security requirements that are informed by the enterprise evaluation process. Merging critical components to facilitate the continuity of operations, and subsequently, business. Developing and implementing comprehensive, preventative operational security plans that are proactive versus reactive, thereby reducing the vulnerabilities that challenge an enterprise.