Harvard Protection Services is one of the nation’s premier security firms, providing a comprehensive suite of Enterprise Protection and Security solutions, addressing today’s most challenging threat mitigation needs. Launched in 1996, Harvard’s goal remains to meet the growing demand for a single, reliable source, to manage clients’ high level security requirements.

We deliver best-in-class security services and provide excellent customer service predicated upon our unparalleled expertise in the industry applied to a thorough understanding of client needs. We fully appreciate that each contract for security services is a complex mission that requires much more than supplying qualified manpower. We welcome the opportunity to work with clients who recognize that collaborative engagement, communication, ongoing program evaluation, and performance management metrics are crucial to the formulation and refinement of a solid business plan.  Our approach establishes clear performance standards and operational protocols, yet allows for the flexibility necessary to respond to emergencies and an ever changing risk environment.

Among the qualities that set Harvard apart from our competitors is the depth and breadth of experience in our management team, as well as the level of engagement of Harvard’s top leadership in all facets of contract operations to ensure continuous needs assessment, provide attention to detail, and offer critical review of operational requirements.

Unlike many other vendors, our business model for providing security depends upon an infrastructure of talent and multi-disciplinary expertise at-the-ready to effectively prepare for and respond to a myriad of conditions with potentially high stakes outcomes. Likewise, our staffing model incorporates building bench strength and force multiplier capabilities that are immediately available for deployment in the event of emergencies.

Our management team includes accomplished leaders from Federal, state, and local law enforcement and the private security industry. Together, we have an impressive network of strategic partners across government and private industry that allow for information sharing and leveraging of talent to support such initiatives as emergency preparedness, special events planning, and executive protection – all of which may be germane to ensuring our clients’ comprehensive security.

Harvard Protection Services is distinguished from its competitors by virtue of our demonstrated leadership, commitment to customer service, professionalism, integrity, and accountability at all levels of our organization. We pride ourselves in what we call “The Harvard Difference,” differentiating Harvard through our corporate values of honesty and integrity; loyalty; teamwork; flexibility; work ethic; leadership; and, diversity.

Our business model is dedicated to achieve Harvard’s vision to be recognized by our clients and the industry as a dynamic, employee-centric organization that empowers our team to deliver leading edge solutions in a manner that creates value for our clients. We are committed to, and have demonstrated, service excellence through exceeding our clients’ expectations in delivering services and surpassing mutually agreed upon performance measures. On site with our clients, this translates to effective communications whereby our employees are trained to be responsive to customer needs, and they are empowered to take appropriate action and make independent decisions. We value our employees, and our corporate leaders and managers work to support the quality service and professionalism that our security officers deliver every day in a multitude of challenging settings.