Core Values


People First

We are a family organization that promotes respect and embraces diversity.


We are committed to the safety, health, and welfare of our employees and everyone we serve.


We are a diverse team with a common vision where contributions and innovation are encouraged.

Client Focus

We go above and beyond to provide quality, sustainable service to our internal and external clients.


We conduct ourselves in a professional manner, taking personal responsibility for achieving quality results.

Safety Focused

Ensuring safety and security is at the forefront of everything we do. Whether it is the safety of our employees, the people occupying your facilities, the facility itself, the public, or the community at large, Harvard’s focus on safety is paramount. As a trusted advisor for enterprise protection services, we are vigilant in ensuring that your personal and physical infrastructure has minimal potential opportunities for danger. Our highly experienced team is trained to understand your unique environment, always alert to identify potential areas of concern and, most importantly, ready to report anomalies that could compromise the safety and security of your people, property, and infrastructure.


“Our mission at Harvard Protection Services is to provide leading edge, comprehensive enterprise protection, supported by innovative technical and physical security solutions. Our goals are to set the standard for the industry; to earn our clients’ trust, confidence, and business through maintaining a safe, secure environment; to provide the highest level of protection for their enterprise, their proprietary assets, and the safety of their human capital.”


To be the preeminent company for individuals and clients who desire to be engaged and successful.