Your security solution is unique. The best fit for your location is a service that is tailored and customized. A one-size-fits-all service is not an option. Harvard Protection Services addresses every location in this way; every client is unique and different.

We are not security guards; we are members of your building’s community focused on keeping our community members safe and comfortable. When everyone see The Mark, they know that Harvard’s presence equals the highest level of protection. Every building’s community is different so every solution is customized for that community. What remains constant, is a first-step approach of providing well-trained, measurable and meaningful safety, security, and concierge services.  Launched in 1996, Harvard Protection Services stands by its reputation as the preeminent Mark of our client’s success.


Comfort is a word that is not easily associated with security, but it is a core principle of Harvard Protection Services. A building’s safety is our concern and our charter. A building’s occupant should only be concerned with their productivity, their wellness, their success and their happiness. It is that comfort that Harvard Protection Services strives for and it is that comfort that we consider The Harvard Mark.

Comfort does not mean just out of mind. Comfort is the feeling of seeing, being, and interacting with your Harvard security officer. We are there to serve and it is our people who become flagship members of your building’s community who are commonly the first and last people your building’s occupants see every work day.


Harvard Protection Services is a people-first company. What that means is that we believe everything starts with our people and our client’s people. Our people are the people on site servicing your location, they are the support staff that are your key contact for any issue or concern and they are each member of the company who strives to make your building safe and successful. Your people are your occupants, your customers and everyone who visits your location striving to make that day the best day they can.

Hospitality training is combined with our protection training. We train our guards to not only know skills such as fire-safety, but also how to be hospitable, presentable and honorable. We prepare our people for the everyday and for the day that is different from all the rest.


We deliver best-in-class security services and provide excellent customer service predicated upon our unparalleled expertise in the industry applied to a thorough understanding of client needs. We fully appreciate that each contract for security services is a complex mission that requires much more than supplying qualified manpower. We welcome the opportunity to work with clients who recognize that collaborative engagement, communication, ongoing program evaluation, and performance management metrics are crucial to the formulation and refinement of a solid business plan.


Our checkmark is a Mark of Security, a Mark of Confidence, and a Mark of Comfort because of our track record and reputation. We complete the mission when our clients and their people have a safe, productive and meaningful day and when we have completed our preparation for tomorrow. It’s through our client’s success that we find success.

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High net-worth organizations and individuals face unique security challenges associated with protecting their own safety, along with the safety of their family, properties and assets. The security professionals at Harvard Protection Services have specialized training and expertise to identify and manage the security.


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